logomic.gif Romanian Porcelain Figurines
An Assortment of the finest Porcelain Lace Figurines from Moga Porcelain Manufacturers. These figurines are made from fine porcelain by artists in Romania. Each piece is painstakingly hand crafted and hand painted with exquisite detail to form a beautiful and cherished piece you will enjoy forever. Each piece is signed by the artist.
donna1.JPG Donna 1
donna2a.jpg Donna 2
donnarosa.jpg Donna Rosa
Mama With Baby
Mamawbaby.jpg Tender Moment
4angels.jpg The 4 Seasons Angel Set
A beautiful set of 4 angels representing Primavara(Spring), Vara(Summer), Toamna(Fall)and Iarna(Winter). Each Angel is handmade and handpainted in Romania and signed by the artist. These angels are available individually at $45.00 each or $160.00 for the set.You MUST specify when ordering which Angel(s) you wish to purchase. If you would like more detailed photos please let us know.

Please choose either the entire set or the individual angel(s) you would like.